How to easily install the Minecraft server ?

For entertainment, there are several types of games. One of these games is Minecraft, which is becoming increasingly popular with a large number of Internet users around the world. However, some lovers of this popular construction game find it difficult to install or do not know how to do so. To help them, this article gives some practical tips on how to easily install the Minecraft server.

Installing the Minecraft server from the Java software

Before you can do the installation in this option, you need to download the Java software on your computer. For more information, click here now. This is a prerequisite. Before starting the installation, you must deactivate the internet firewall on your PC. To do this, simply go to the page where the manual is downloaded and click on windows online. When you do this you will see the file download appear. You will then be offered to run or save the installation program. Choose first run and then save. Then save the file to your desktop. To finally install the program, open the save file and click on install. At the same time as you download the Java game software, you have access to the Minecraft server.

Installation of the Minecraft server from another server

At this point we will give you the procedure to follow with the Bedrock server that you can find under Windows or Linux Ubuntu. To do this you must buy a server or rent it from a hosting company. Install Bedrock by downloading the 250 MB archive on the official Minecraft platform. For Linux, you will have to convert the archive from biz format to normal format. Now execute your command by accessing the directory. After that, you have to configure the Minecraft server and connect your Bedrock server to the internet so that your friends can connect to your server.

Please note that both installation methods have their advantages and limitations.