All about Hipanema bracelets

The Hipanema bracelet from Brazil is an irreplaceable part of your jewelry collection. It is currently a very fashionable piece of jewelry composed of several cuff bracelets. This type of bracelet can be worn by both men and women. Discover below the criteria to take into account when choosing it.

Which Hipanema bracelet should I choose?

When it comes to Hipanema bracelets, the first criterion is size. For more information, please visit this website Measure your wrist at its strongest point, then add 1 to 3 centimeters to calculate the length of the bracelet you want to buy. If your wrist is about 18 cm, you can choose size S. If your wrist is 19 cm, you will be satisfied with the size M. Otherwise, you should choose the size L if your wrist is about 20 cm. 

There is also an XL size for people with a wrist size of 21-22 cm. There are also special models for men measuring 22 cm to 24 cm. For children, the jewelry is available in two sizes. For girls aged 5 to 8, the standard length of the bracelet is 13.5 cm. For girls aged 9 to 12, the ideal length is 15 cm. However, you can always choose a larger size if you want to wear the bracelet more loosely. When choosing a Hipanema bracelet, you should also pay attention to the quality of the material and the color according to your taste.

Where can I buy such jewelry?

They are handmade by artisans. This means that each product is unique. The details are very important, which means that this work requires great attention to detail in order to achieve an original and high-quality bracelet. The price is commensurate with this quality. The price of a bracelet usually varies between 40 and 90 euros, depending on its design and quality. There is something for everyone: simple, sophisticated, colorful and original. However, you should always be wary of counterfeits. Note that the magnetic clasp of authentic Hipanema bracelets always has the word Hipanema engraved in large letters.